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Membership to has many benefits.

- Register The Watches You Own In Real Time To Your Account To Create Historical Provenance
- Protect Your Watches Against Potential Loss or Theft With Our Watch Status Feature
- Search For The History & Provenance Of A Watch You Wish To Purchase
- Transfer Watches You Sell To The Buyers Account
- Get Notifications If A Watch You Own Is Searched On Our Platform
- Get Member Contact Details When One Of Your Lost Or Stolen Watch Is Searched
- 24/7 Account Access For Real Time Account & Watch Data Updates
- Fast, Secure And Simple New Account Creation
- Easy Subscription Payments With Pay Pal
- Recommended By Insurance Companies & Law Enforcement Worldwide

Select your desired account subscription from the table below. You can upgrade your subscription at any time. All subscriptions are 12 month periods. Free 12 Month subscription available only one time. Free 12 Month subscription not available for business accounts. Please see our Terms & Conditions. Use the Voucher Code supplied to you or if you do not have one, please use WR12 Voucher code in the signup form.

Subscription Max Watch Registered Max Watch Searches Max Watch Transfers Annual Fee
Personal Account Free 12 Month 1 1 1 Free (12 Months Only) Voucher Code Needed (Use WR12 if you do not already have one)
Create Account
Personal Account 10 10 10 9.95 Create Account
Personal Account Plus 25 25 25 19.95 Create Account
Personal Account VIP 50 50 50 29.95 Create Account
Business Account Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 495.95 Create Account
Law Enforcement Account Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Free Create Account