About WatchRegister.com

Originally founded in 2003 as Goldstar Watches and relaunched in 2012 as WatchRegister, WatchRegister.com provides private and trade watch owners with a platform to register their valued (luxury, sentimental, collectable etc) watches into a secure database wallet to provide historical provenance, peace of mind and future security.

With both trade and private members utilizing the WatchRegister.com platform and a vision of the important role our service would provide watch owners worldwide, we embarked on delivering a brand new cutting edge online solution for our members and assembled a team of award winning software system, GUI and database engineers to design, develop and deploy our solution.

We use the latest technology to provide our platform with the very best hardware, software, security systems and encryption, constantly monitoring, maintaining and upgrading every aspect to provide our members with a secure, efficient and user friendly experience.

WatchRegister.com is different from almost all other lost or stolen registry solutions or services. With WatchRegister.com you dont wait until your watch is lost or stolen, fill out a form and hope that your watch turns up, you register your watch and its identification details and set the status of your watch in realtime. If someone searches for your watch details at WatchRegister.com, you will be instantly notified. If your watch is stolen together with the accompanying papers, no problem, your watch details are already on file, simply login to your account and change the status of your watch. Selling or trading your watch? Simple, login to your account and transfer the watch registration to the new owner.

WatchRegister.com is owned in a joint venture by:

Watch Register Limited & Cyber Ventures Limited

WatchRegister.com is operated by:

Network22 Business Management Services
The Coach House, Headgate
Colchester, Essex
CO3 3BT, United Kingdom